Jaargo helps launch the amazing FurEater in the UK by providing web, print & digital services.

FurEater is a vacuum cleaner attachment that removes all stubborn pet hair and dirt without the need for hard pushing or pulling. It works with soft slats of friction – so simply attach to your vacuum cleaner tube and pull over the surface of the fabric or carpet. Great for use on household carpets, vehicles, clothing and other fabrics such as saddle pads.

The product is in high demand across Scandinavia & Germany and UK sales are also starting to soar. FurEater was also introduced at Crufts 2017.

In order to help FurEater in the UK, Jaargo has designed and print managed all of the packaging as well as supplied video snippets and a product video loop for their display stand tablet. We design multi-language shelf-hanging packaging as well as a folded insert for the bagged product.

FurEater – multi-language, layered packaging file

FurEater – generic multi-language information leaflet

In addition to the above brand assets, we designed and built a website for the sole UK Reseller, Mad about the Toy. The website is on a subsidiary domain, Mad about the Pet and has all product information, link to an adapter chart where you can see if your vacuum requires and adapter for FurEater and a full eCommerce purchasing workflow.

We’re proud to have worked with Allan, Line & Nigel in providing digital & print solutions for FurEater.

The main header image of this post is our little Jack Russell, Rosie. If you know Jack Russell terriers well, then you’ll know that they shed fur all year round so we have been using FurEater constantly for the 2.5 years Rosie has been with us and we would certainly recommend it.

That’s it for now – if you have any questions about FurEater, please direct all enquiries to Nigel – nigel@fureater.com.


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