6 08, 2018

Can you ensure accurate brand colours?

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We have a solid background in colour matching across all media & output types. At Jaargo, we utilise European standards in colour matching by applying ISO profile sets to all digital assets & we embed these into all output files. We can also liaise with printers to ensure accurate colour output on press.

6 08, 2018

Can you provide photography?

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Yes, we can provide photography. Although we are not professional photographers, we have undertaken several product photography projects for some of our clients. We have a basic photographic kit & a high quality DSLR digital camera capable of providing excellent images and HD video.

12 02, 2018

What format do I get my logo in?

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With all logo design projects, we attempt to develop all artwork as vector graphics, meaning your logo will be good for any purpose. We will supply you with;

Formats (Vector)
Adobe Illustrator Native (.ai) files
Encapsulated Postscript (.eps) files
Scalable Vector Graphic (.svg) files

Formats (Raster)
High resolution (304.8dpi @100%* size) Photoshop Native (.psd or .psb) files
High resolution (304.8dpi @100%* size) Tagged Image File Format (.tif or .tiff) files
High resolution (304.8dpi @100%* size) Jpeg (.jpg or jpeg) files
Multi-resolution (300dpi, 150dpi, 72dpi @ 100%* size) Portable Network Graphics (.png) files both with transparency & white […]

4 02, 2018

How long will my website take to design & build?

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This is totally dependent on the type & amount of content within the site but as a guide, a small, information-based site may take a couple of weeks to develop whereas a large, multi-page, multi-product site with extra functionality could take a couple of months. We are happy to give you a time estimate on developing your site based on the initial brief.

2 02, 2018

What is vector art?

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Vector art is also commonly known as line-art. It is a resolution independent digital file. Unlike a pixel-based file (i.e. jpeg, png, psd), a vector file comprises of a series of bezier curves or paths which will not lose clarity when scaled or enlarged. We create vector art wherever possible when designing logos & icons due to the scalability & edit-ability of the files. Common vector application programmes are Adobe Illustrator, Macromedia Freehand & CorelDraw along with various other CAD applications used mainly in architectural & product design.

2 02, 2018

How secure is my website with Jaargo?

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We provide a variety of security packages and maintenance services. The level of protection depends on your site and its content but we can provide a fully comprehensive firewall & cyber-attack package configured at database server level including extended validation SSL certification. Less comprehensive security packages are also available.




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