We’re proud to announce the launch of the Lovibonds Brewery website.

Lovibonds is an American-Style Craft Beer brewery situated in Henley on Thames.

For the site, we’ve tried to capture the essense of Lovibonds in a design which gives readers an idea of the rustic, working brewery atmosphere that Lovibonds creates, right from the entrance and tasting room & bar area to the rock music and beer that’s constantly on tap!

I have to say – it is a unique place – one that has many many locals and admirers from afar and we are proud to have worked with Jeff on creating an informative site that really focuses on the beer, the place and the music.

We have beer bubbles on the beer pages and grungy imagery throughout. The main menu icons are from pictures of the actual taps from the tasting room bar – very cool we think so choose a pint, sit down and have a browse…

Visit the Lovibonds website

As always, feedback is welcome.


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