We’ve been working on updating our own website & here it is…

Concentrating on the things that matter – that was the thought process when designing & developing the website you’re now browsing.

So what are the things that matter? It’s our work and how we showcase the brands of our existing customers and how we show site visitors the scope of work we undertake, ranging across the 4 core categories of website design & build, graphic design, print-based art-working & print management as well as digital design services.

For this reason, we have added a bigger & better Work Portfolio

You can search our portfolio database by Category, Skills, Client, Tags & more. At the time of writing this post, we’re still in the process of uploading our portfolio content so watch this space, refresh your browser and see what’s new the next time you visit.

We’re proud to express ourselves this way on our new web platform plus we also have some great ideas for future updates, ranging from product sales to a full customer brand centre portal whereby all client brand assets are centrally located as downloadable & dynamically editable templates. Exciting stuff!

We have also added focus to our news article posts and have made these more easily searchable with a user-friendly layout allowing the viewer to search by a range of options. A topical forum is another thing we are thinking of integrating into the site so lot’s to think about & lot’s to work on over the coming months.

So have a browse, see what you think & feel free to share, subscribe & comment on this article.

Jaargo Portfolio Webpage

If you would like to discuss the options on having a new website designed & developed or were just thinking of updating your old one, then give us a shout – we’re happy to talk about how we can help you expand your businesses online profile.

Just ask@jaargo.com or give us a call on 0800 689 3708 or 07525 463 270 and have a browse of our WEB PORTFOLIO for examples of some other sites we’ve developed for our clients.

Thanks again for visiting Jaargo.com