Well here it is – our new ‘nature’ themed website.

So what do you think?

Our old site required some updating, especially seeing it wasn’t responsive and we cannot be seen to offer responsive website design without one ourselves now can we?

With inspiration from moving to the seaside, Kevin designed this site with a nature theme in mind. We have the Sky, Mountains, the Ocean and the Forests highlighted throughout with a little of some other imagery which are more relative to the respective topics.

Emphasis has been made on 4 key services – Websites, Graphic Design, Digital Design & Digital Marketing – all of which are backed up by a comprehensive portfolio page. Other service-lines are set out on a single page with slightly less content (we all dislike reading too much text) :-)

We will be making regular updates and amends to the site with new, up-to-date content and the odd bug-fix if there are any.

News updates, blog posts and discussions will be often added and we’ll be sending out periodic newsletters with the latest news and offers so get clicking and sign up below (we won’t bombard you with all sorts of junk);

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Well – happy browsing. We hope you find the site slick, modern and eye catching. Please feel free to leave a comment – we won’t be offended with constructive criticism.

Thanks & regards,


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