Project Description

FurEater® Logo


This packaging design brief was to design multi-language product packaging for FurEater® as a hanging shelf item.

A design was made whereby the product slid & locked into a folded hanging card and Jaargo designed the artwork and content around the cutter guide.

A total of 6 languages were required so rather than create a separate file or page for each, we used Adobe InDesign layers to accommodate all respective text, logos & imagery. You will see from the images below that there are common layers to each language such as the main logo, Danish flag, QR codes and barcode. All language-based content is overlaid on their own layer, again which you can visibly see in the images below.

Output was a PDF1.6 layered file which the printer could turn on/off layers when processing the print runs for each language.

We initially wanted to just have one black change-out plate for the language variants, however with different text flow, this was not possible in terms of placing the blue icons and headings so a full 4-colour run was done for each language.

You can see the final English version in the images below.