Project Description


The brief for the re-design of the Henley Informations Systems Limited (HISL) logo comprised of both a visual change accompanied by a slight name change.

The previous logo simply referred the business as ‘HenleyIS’, however the business felt that having the full company name was more beneficial when re-branding the look of the business.

After providing 6 design concepts along with visualisations & presentations, the basic design was found. A few iterations later & we have the finished design as you see it now.

Colours used were in keeping with the existing brand, however, a truly Henley feel was incorporated with the crossing of the Henley ‘H’ with a swirl which represents the river Thames that runs through town. The ‘H’ was also originally a conceptual idea that also represented towers, relating to the construction industry in which HISL operates.

The ‘H’ was encapsulated into a circle & kept quite simplistic in terms of the use of flat colours and no added effects.

I simple sans serif typeface with a wide kerning (letter spacing) setting was applied.

The main logo is slightly portrait in orientation, therefore a landscape version was also created for times where a portrait logo was not appropriate.