It was time for a bit of a brand refresh so we’ve taken our old logo and re-stylised it a bit.

Gone is the container box and in is the new curved lettering with breaks in each enclosed letter.

The use of just Black & White colour schemes (with an option to occasionally specify the logo colour as ‘Jaargo Yellow’) makes for simple brand management and application across multiple media outlets.

So let’s have a look…

Old logo:

This logo was used with many different colour schemes, depending on it’s usage. Sometimes the container box was a neutral grey as this example and sometimes it would be white (if over an image background for example) with the letters ‘jaar’ always being transparent so the background colour shows through.

Too complex! – let’s simplify it.

New, refreshed logo:

So we’ve removed the big square & cut into the lettering. We got bored with the squared edges so we rounded the text and rotated the ‘O’. There you have it – jaargo

Let us know your thoughts…


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